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Mario Carts Sherblato


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Mario Carts Sherblato is a strong Indica dominant hybrid that packs a punch! The Crosses that make up Sherblato are Sherbert and Gelato! Sherbert is a cross between Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies, while Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC. That makes a case for a high-end medical strain of cannabis. I was able to pick up again and this time write a strain review on it. Here is my strain review on sherblato!

Mario Carts Sherblato Strain

When you first crack open that jar of Sherblato you smell a strong gas smell very pungent but with a second blast of a strong cookie that quickly overpowers the gas. It definitely shows you that the cookie genetics are very strong in this particular strain because you only smelled that after you open the jar! After grinding the weed up you just smell cookie, with a hint of citrus. It was a very pungent smell, more so after breaking down the bud.

The look of the buds was a dark green, with a tint of orange because of the tiny hairs around the bud. It also had little hues of purple on the bud mixed throughout. The bud also has a nice shine to them because of the trichomes covering all around.

The feel of the Mario Carts Sherblato after picking it up was a little sticky when squished between your fingers. It did leave a very nice smell on your fingertips. The buds were pretty dense, definitely took the shape of Indica dominant strains. It had no airy nugs at all some of them were dense popcorn buds.

Sherblato Strain

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