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Kush Berry

Live Resin

Banana OG

Dosi Punch

Blue Kosher

Appie Fever

Cherry Pop

Strawberry Sunrise



To begin with, buy raw garden carts from us. Raw Garden creates clean and accessible cannabis products for the masses.

Most importantly, they join their expertise in farming and biotechnology to produce great flowers in one of the world’s top agricultural regions.

Moreover, their team consists of/

firstly, multi-generational farmers,

secondly, nerdy scientists, and heady enthusiasts all devoted to organic farming and bringing clean cannabis to everyone.

We are your trusted single source flower.

Looking for true high-quality THC oil? Raw Gardens provides a top of the line cannabis oil in their prefilled vape cartridges.

Meanwhile Unlike many others who use trim and artificial terpenes to cut back on the cost.

Raw Gardens only uses premium flower and natural terpenes.

Firstly, frozen cannabis material is blasted to achieve the best vape cartridge filled with live resin on the market.

Secondly, This brand is focused on creating the best THC oil for vape cartridges.

Most importantly, The high also will last longer than other cartridges that are manufacturing THC oil from crude and trim.

So, There is a surge of high-quality THC cartridges in California and Raw gardens is just one of many that have surfaced.

to clarify, They have a modest following right now with 78, 000 followers on instagram.

most importantly, A community which is definitely growing everyday. Buy raw garden carts


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